Stylists are lucky enough to make a job out of our obsessive nature. Everything is visual to us: there are patterns to find, messes to perfect, puzzles to solve. We take your brand and distill it visually, making sure those images are watched, shared, dog-eared and reposted.

I have spent 12+ years dressing 6’ tall goddesses, portly bald guys, kids with energy to spare and grandmas who glow. I’ve chosen materials for sets, surfed for surf boards, deep dived at the thrift, painted it all from art to fruit, custom built props and folded countless towels. Then I’ve brought it all together to tell your story.  

Creative and collaborative? Check. Determined and committed? You bet. Happy in my work? I really cannot imagine doing anything else. Let's work together. (And I promise to always tell you if the tag on your sweater is sticking out.)